Mastering for digital formats is a complex process. Making the tracks sound great is only the beginning - every little nuance, from the gaps between the songs to the dynamics of the release from beginning to end, combines to make a complete album, single or EP.  And then there is the whole issue of creating loud masters without destroying the dynamics of the material. Only an experienced mastering engineer can achieve all of these things.


Send us your files and we will provide a set of reference discs (or upload files) for approval. Once you're happy we'll send a Red Book CD master and/or a set of files optimised for digital stores such as iTunes.


Standard Rates - Red Book  mastering for CD and digital

Per Track: £40 + VAT

Per Album (10-14 tracks): £395 + VAT

Red Book of previously mastered material: £80 + VAT


CD mastering Brighton

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