​Preparing files for mastering

It is important that files sent for mastering are prepared in the right way. Here are some things to check before you send your material:

• Mixes should be “bounced” in the same file format (AIFF, WAV etc.) and at the same bit depth and sample rate as the source material – ie. if the tracks were recorded at 24bit/48kHz then the bounced files should be 24bit/48kHz. Remember that with each instance of conversion, quality is lost.​

• Don’t try to make your mixes “loud”. We will do that for you so just concentrate on them sounding great.

• No limiting should be applied. If you have used compression on the mix output/buss it may be wise to send two versions, one with and one without.​

• Try to leave at least 3dB headroom - ie. Mixes should not be peaking above -3dB

• All information should be provided in a single text file (Word, Text Edit etc.) and should include, where relevant: catalog number, format, artist name, correct track titles, ISRC, barcode (UPC in the United States, EAN in Europe) and any specific comments or instructions.

If you are unsure about any of this or need further guidance, e-mail info@hellyeahmastering.com

Preparing files for mastering

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